Thrilled to announce that World Spanish & Catalan rights to the amazing Vesalius’ Secret by Jordi Llobregat have just been sold to Silvia Sesé at Ediciones DESTINO (Planeta), who plans to publish the book in May 2015.
Also, World English rights have just been sold to Jon Riley at QUERCUS. German rights to Eva Schubert at BLANVALET (Random House Germany). French rights to LE CHERCHE MIDI. Italian rights to LONGANESI (GMS group). Brazilian rights to PLANETA Brasil. Portuguese rights to PLANETA Portugal. Dutch rights to Nelleke Geel at MERIDIAAN UITGEVERS. Polish rights to SONIA DRAGA. Czech rights to HOST. Greek rights to PATAKIS Publishers. Hebrew rights to Ziv Lewis at KINNERET ZMORA. Simplified Chinese rights to Gloria Masdeu at SHANGHAI 99. Complex Chinese rights (Taiwan) to DELIGHT PRESS. Japanese rights to SHUEISHA. Turkish rights to BÜYÜKADA. Hungarian rights to AGAVE. South Korea rights to NIKE BOOKS.

"It’s going to be one of next year’s biggest books. It deserves to be. An excellent historical thriller that grips you from the first page, and very, very entertaining."

"The story is truly unputdownable! Every page is full of action and mysteries, and the quest to find the killer and to discover the different secrets keeps you reading. The reader will find many attractive settings and elements reminiscent of THE SHADOW OF THE WIND."

"I liked the novel a lot. It’s very, very well written, told with great emotion, boasting a wonderful setting and a surprising story!"

"Right from the beginning I was mesmerized by the pace and visual power of his writing. The novel simply feels like great, intelligent entertainment. Jordi Llobregat did a perfect job combining three uneven characters with all their fears, hopes and aspirations with a plot full of adventures and action. "

"This is a book about Barcelone, but it it also is a book about loss and love, family mysteries, finding out the truth, revenge, the urge to achieve, the burden of guilt and the road to redemption. What a rich set of themes to build a novel on! And how difficult it must have been to achieve this… and yet it seems Llobregat has done it effortlessly."

"Fijn verhaal, hoor, EL SECRETO DE VESALIO! Spannend, barok, ‘gothic’, nog weer een variant op t Frankensteinmonster eigenlijk en dan in gekrochten van het afwateringssysteem van het oude Barcelona."

"Wherever you start talking about this book – may it be dusty libraries, sinister murders, forsaken love or the ciudad condal itself – it draws immediate attention and expresses a sense of curiosity."

"The plot will have you glued to your seat with all of those end-of-chapter ‘cliffhangers’…!"